my eyes glaze over:
used for saying something is so boring
or complicated you cannot be bothered
to think about it or try to understand it


The Federal Communications Commission, usually referenced by its acronym as “the FCC”, is one of the most important, yet least understood of government agencies. Just pronouncing its name induces MEGO and is a major factor in the public’s lack of understanding of what it was established to do. Reading through the Wikipedia explanation of the FCC serves to reinforce this phenomenon.

It is therefore well worth the effort to read this excellent summary by Michael Tomasky explaining how long standing FCC rules to protect diversity of TV ownership, public debate and service to local communities are about to be eviscerated with the looming FCC approval of right wing Sinclair Broadcasting merging with Tribune Media.

Understanding how this, and similarly complex issues like net neutrality, before the FCC affect public life is fundamental to the need for 1) critical media literacy to be taught in the U.S.; and 2) public service media to be strengthened to help citizens better understand the crucial role of public discourse in a healthy democracy.