Trump Will Still Lose. Here’s How.

Bloomberg View, January 7, 2016


A basic question of the 2016 presidential election cycle is how Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, could possibly be taken seriously given his repeated, well documented lies, constant insults, and questionable policy positions. It is credible to argue that Sarah Palin opened the door for the current Trump media phenomenon. And Glenn Greenwald is right to point out how cost effective it is for pundits to appear on television, how rarely they are held accountable for their questionable predictions, and that the preponderance of pundits spouting opinions masks the cold fact that ever less independent, investigative journalism is taking place to help citizens consider which candidates to vote for.

James Baldwin long ago suggested that a good measure of public education is the level of political discourse taking place in a presidential election season. By this standard, our country is failing to grasp the most basic tenets of media education and the need for a more robust public media sector willing to examine such issues.

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