John Boyer co-founded the Media Stewards Project and blogs on this website.  He also co-founded and serves as Senior Advisor for, a non-profit organization seeking to foster cross cultural understanding and conflict resolution though social media diplomacy, public engagement, education and outreach.  A public television researcher and producer specializing in international media issues, he helped organize the Journalism That Matters conference at Yahoo which addressed issues associated with the MSP.  He also helped establish the Media Education Laboratory at Rutgers University-Newark where he taught broadcast journalism, and was Research Director and Producer for the Emmy award winning PBS media criticism series Inside Story with Hodding Carter.  Productions addressing the need for media education include On Television: Teach The Children with Edwin Newman about the regulation of children’s television, and Media Literacy: The New Basic? with John Merrow, education correspondent for the NewsHour on PBS. He is a board member of the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME).

Patrick Reilly is a Silicon Valley intellectual property attorney working in the areas of creative rights and new media.  His law practice includes patent prosecution, intellectual property rights valuation and business strategy development. As founder and CEO of the Intellectual Property Society Patrick produces and hosts educational seminars and videoblogs in collaboration with organizations like the High Tech Law Institute of Santa Clara University. He specializes in bringing together leading academics, high technology entrepreneurs and creative workers to discuss new and emerging legal issues that are redefining the possibilities and dynamics of world culture. He helped organize the 2008 Journalism That Matters conference held at the Yahoo corporate campus.  Patrick is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute in Russian Language Studies, and has earned a BS in Sociology from the State University of New York; a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toledo; and a JD from Concord University. He is a member of the U.S. Patent Bar and the California State Bar.

Henry Kroll has been involved for more than 30 years in public service broadcasting, both as a television producer and public policy advocate. He was a member of the acclaimed KQED Newsroom program in San Francisco which pioneered comprehensive, public service coverage of local news in response to a general newspaper strike in 1968. He became the first elected citizen representative member of the KQED Board of Trustees, serving for more than 10 years. After 20 years as a Field Organizer for the California Unitarian Universalist Church, he joined with George Gerbner, founder of the Cultural Environmental Movement (CEM), to develop the Media Democracy Legal Project.  He has worked closely for more than 20 years with Ben Bagdikian, author of The Media Monopoly, and Dr. Peter Phillips, Director of Project Censored at Sonoma State University. Before administering the MDLP, he directed the CEM, a pioneering group of media reform activists lead by America’s preeminent scholar of communications, George Gerbner.

Immy Humes is an Academy-Award nominated independent documentary filmmaker and teacher. She has contributed to many PBS programs, and her own films have all aired PBS nationally. Her works tend to feature an intelligent and ironic approach to serious underlying social and political themes. She has worked in a wide variety of formats and styles, from long-form to segments to comedy to websites. Her series in 2011 on the long term unemployed for Salon is available on their website. She is currently serving as US Producer for Amir Amirani’s WE ARE MANY (2014) about mass street protest in the 21st Century, and developing a biography of the American New Wave filmmaker Shirley Clarke. She has received honors including screenings at Film Forum and MOMA in NYC; festivals from Amsterdam (IDFA), to Arkansas (Hot Springs); and INPUT, the annual public TV conference. She has won residencies at MacDowell Colony and Blue Mountain, and her films have aired on PBS, and other TV channels here and abroad. More information is available on the website of her New York based media company, The DocTank.

Richard Wortman is a veteran television producer and manager, with over twenty years of experience developing and producing long and short form news, documentary, government, reality and entertainment programs. He was a journalist and manager at the television division of Reuters news agency for over ten years, where his positions included seven years as the Los Angeles Bureau Chief, three years as Manager – Program Development and Production and two years as New York Duty News Editor. He was a Senior Producer at Paramount Domestic Television for five years where he oversaw the work of dozens of producers and researchers on five continents, and was in charge of acquiring program material from around the world. He is currently a contract producer  / journalist for the U.S. Department of State, where he is responsible for co-producing news series and documentaries with foreign broadcasters who travel to the U.S. on grants from DoS.  In any given year, Mr. Wortman is assigned to work with a half dozen foreign television teams on a wide variety of subjects. He has developed and produced a wide range of primetime reality and documentary programs for many of the major U.S. television cable networks, including History Channel, Animal Planet, Spike TV, Discovery Channel, MTV, TLC, and Travel Channel.

Margaret Rosas is a Knight Foundation grant recipient and architect of Radio Engage, a Drupal-based website generation suite that is particularly designed for roll-out by public media organizations. She is a media strategist and technologist working at the intersection of offline communities and the Internet. She has been on founding teams of startups and worked for large corporations building web applications and engaging communities in the digital world.  Her toolkit includes user interface, user experience, brand identity, social media, search engine optimization, and web protocols.

Sasan Afsoosi has worked as a senior documentary TV producer and photographer covering international cultural subjects, including news, architectural styles, religious values and nomadic life styles. He has worked for Agence France Press, Time Warner Cable, Press TV, Washington Life Magazine, and numerous other news agencies and magazines. His work has appeared in many international exhibitions. He is currently completing “Women’s Life in Iran.” Sasan has worked as senior technical project manager for Sprint Nextel, AOL, EDS, GlobalOne, Kodak and New Yorker Magazine’s Cartoon Bank Project. He completed his MA in Communications/Film Production from American University in Washington DC.


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